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School Board of the Year



Dr. Danny Lovett, Executive Director
Region 5 Education Service Center

 July 6th, 2022



Region 5 Education Service Center is pleased to announce that East Chambers ISD is the regional winner for TASA’s 2022 School Board of the Year. Board Members include Scott Jones, President; Lisa Bauer, Vice President; Taylor Wilcox, Secretary; Frank Abalos, Charlotte Edwards, Richard Lee, and Kelley Touchet. Mr. Scott Campbell is Superintendent.

School Boards are awarded the honor based on support for educational improvement projects and school transformation initiatives, as well as for educational performance in accordance with state-established standards. Other criteria include adherence to adopted board policies, function as a policy-making body, and a number of additional standards. 

Specifically, East Chambers ISD School Board Members have displayed excellence in the following areas, to name a few: 


  •  Purchased Chromebooks and software for every student;
  •  Installed Smartboards in every classroom;
  •  Partnered with Winnie-Stowell Hospital District for additional nursing and counseling services;
  •  Established an Educational Foundation;
  •  Passed three bond elections;
  •  Maintained a perfect score of 100 in the Financial Integrity Rating System;
  •  Received an unqualified (clean) audit annually since 1997;
  •  Maintains a billboard that is updated quarterly for recruitment/retention of staff and attracting students;
  •  Added a cosmetology department based on student requests; and
  •  Much more!


Quoted directly from the application: “It has been a long standing commitment of this Board to provide all necessary tools for our students to succeed academically. This year, the Board added an Assistant Superintendent position with a focus on curriculum needs to overcome the headwinds created by the many obstacles our students have faced going back to 2017 when we were inundated by Hurricane Harvey that left hundreds of our students homeless, followed by Imelda which caused the same level of flooding in 2019, followed by the ill-effects of COVID-19. While our students did not see anywhere near the level of COVID slide as most other districts, the Board recognized the need to increase support in the curricular arena by adding this position and investing in additional technology by providing every student in our 1540 student district with a Chromebook and all of the software needed to close the achievement gaps amount student groups.” 

Please join us in congratulating the East Chambers ISD School Board for a job well done! 









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