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Facilitated Individualized Education Program

Facilitated Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting is a method of resolution that involves the use of a trained facilitator to assist an Admission, Review, and Dismissal  (ARD) committee in developing an IEP for a student with a disability. The use of facilitated IEP meeting is an increasing statewide trend and can be an essential part of assisting the ARD committee in reaching agreements that lead to education programs with beneficial outcomes for student with disabilities. The facilitator uses techniques to help all committee members communicate and collaborate effectively. The Texas Education Agency encourages the use of IEP facilitation as an alternate means of dispute resolution.


A facilitator supports collaboration and communication, by assisting the ARD committee with the following:

  • Establishing an agenda and setting a time frame for the meeting
  • Designing a set of guidelines for the meeting
  • Guiding the group discussion to remain focused on the development of a mutually agreed upon IEP
  • Ensuring that each ARD committee member has an opportunity to participate
  • Resolving disagreements as they are encountered
  • Keeping the ARD committee focused on the tasks to be accomplished

Local & State Facilitation

The Texas Education Agency website contains information about local and state facilitation in accordance with requirements of the Texas Education Code §29.020. TEA has established a program that provides independent IEP facilitators by request of school and parent. Both parties must complete the Request for a State Facilitated Individualized Education Program Meeting form and submit it to: 

Texas Education Agency 
Division of Federal and State Education Policy 
William B. Travis Building 
1701 N. Congress Avenue 
Austin TX 78701-1494 
Fax: (512) 463-9560 


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Team Members

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