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Field Service Cooperative and Board Training


The Field Service Agent's responsibility at Region 5 ESC is to assist in the development and implementation of an effective communication network between local school districts, the ESC, and the Texas Education Agency.
Region 5 ESC offers a Field Service Cooperative to assist each participating district in improving student outcomes through being kept abreast of legislative mandates, State Board of Education Rules and Regulations, TEA requirements, and trends in education. 

The Coop also offers a variety of services to meet local district needs in the area of mandated and elective school board member training.  Districts may select one or more of these areas to satisfy their unique requirements. 

SBMT Credit: Region 5 ESC is a state-approved provider and will issue credit for programs facilitated through the service center, including:


  •  On site visits for networking with all superintendents
  •  Consultation on the request for waivers
  •  Assistance in the formation of countywide meetings for superintendents
  •  Liaison between school districts, Region 5 ESC and TEA
  •  Timelines of critical reports
  •  Identification and coordination of regional resources
  •  Focused administrative staff development
  •  Assist with strategic planning and quality control
  •  Alternative Education Program Support Services
  •  Specific programs presented at local school sites upon request of cooperative members
  •  Specific programs presented at selected sites to meet requirements for all school board members
  •  Specific programs presented at selected sites to meet continuing educational needs


Board Training Cooperative Offerings
2023-2024 Region 5 ESC
Field Services

Region 5 ESC offers individual school board trainings, as well as training for your administrative
teams, faculty and staff.

The board trainings available are:

  •  New Board Member Orientation to the TEC (required for all first-time board members)
  •  Legislative Update (required after every regular and called legislative session)
  •  Accountability
  •  Superintendent Evaluation
  •  Board/Superintendent Relations
  •  Goal Setting
  • How to Conduct a Superintendent Search
  •  Developing/Reviewing Operating Guidelines for the Team of Eight
  •  Understanding the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (F.I.R.S.T.)
  •  Parent and Community Relations
  •  Building the Team of 8 Through Relationships
  •  Creating a Positive Climate for the Team of 8
  •  Understanding Ethics and the Team of 8
  •  Developing a Vision and Mission Statement
  •  Handling Charitable Donations
  •  Healthy Organizations for the Team of 8
  •  Performance Management
  •  The New Realities of Community Relations
  •  Implementing Change
  •  Best Practices for the Team of 8
  •  Robert’s Rules of Order
  •  How to Make Your School a Great Place to Work!
  •  Resolving Common Areas of Conflict
  •  Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes
  •  Developing HB 3 Goals
  •  Roles and Responsibilities

We also offer the following trainings and services: 

1. Trainings tailored for your individual administrators and/or administrative teams.
a. Employment/Employee Search and Interviewing Skills (2 hours)
b. From Assistant to Campus Principal (1.5 hours)
c. Leading Through Relationships (2 hours)
d. Team Building Through Relationships (1.5 hours)
e. Ethics and Professionalism for Administrators (1.5 hours)
f. Handling Charitable Donations (1.5 hours)
g. Parent/Community Relations for Administrators (2 hours)
h. Building and Maintaining Healthy Administrative Teams (2 hours)
i. Anticipating Needs and Overcoming Obstacles (1.5 hours)
j. We have a full day training for administrative teams that includes personality typing,
leading through relationships, anticipating needs and overcoming obstacles, and strategic
quality planning. (5-6 hours)
k. Customer Service and Community Relations (2 hours – ½ day)
l. Implementing Change (2 hours)
m. How to Make Your School a Great Place to Work (2 hours)


2. Trainings tailored for Faculty and Staff
a. Working Together Through Relationships (1 or 2 hours)
b. Legal Issues for Beginning Educators (1 to 1.5 hours)
c. Ethics and Professionalism for Educators (1 to 1.5 hours)
d. Leadership in and Beyond the Classroom (2 hours)
e. Handling Charitable Donations (1.5 hours)
f. Identifying and Preventing Sexual Harassment (1.5 hours)
g. How to Effectively Support your Administrators and Staff (1.5 hours)
h. Customer Service and Community Relations (2 hours – ½ day)
i. How to Make Your School a Great Place to Work (90 minutes – 2 hours)

3. Superintendent Search Services.
We will help your Board conduct their search for a new
superintendent. Consultants are Byron Terrier, Morgan Wright, and Kelly McBride. Costs are
based on the size of your district and the level of service desired by your Board.

The cost of a one-time school board training is $1,250, while the Field Services/School Board
Training Cooperative is $2,500 per year. As a member of the Field Services Cooperative,
districts may receive as many of these trainings as they wish. The only additional cost is mileage
over 200 miles. For example, a round trip of 600 miles would cost the current state mileage rate
for a 400-mile trip. (Superintendent Search Service is an exception). With the rising cost of
board and staff travel, this gives your district the opportunity to offer more training at home, in
your own district, increasing both convenience and efficiency.
The goal of Region 5 ESC and the Field Services/School Board Training Coop is to give districts
the utmost value for their dollar. We have an extensive list of references available at your
request, and we remain committed to increasing your efficiency and effectiveness. Working with
your Board and staff is our first priority.

Byron Terrier, Ed.D.
Executive Director

Morgan Wright
Field Service Agent

Kelly McBride
Associate Director





Morgan Wright, M.ED
 Field Service Agent
(409) 951-1885