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Backup Solution

District or ESC managed off-site backup solution.



Data from laptops, desktops and servers are backed up to a central location.

Users can access their files from anywhere, anytime using any device including mobile phones.

Syncrify not only backs up modified files, it only transfers modified data within a file. It is very common to have files that are in gigabytes but only a few megabytes change on daily basis. Syncrify will intelligently transfer only the modified data with a file, tremendously decreasing time and network bandwidth.

Although some backup software will perform incremental backups by only copying modified files, files are copied in its entirety. Therefore, they will backup the entire file even if a single byte is modified since the last backup.


Private Cloud

Syncrify offers a private-cloud solution . This means you create your own cloud. Files from the source machine will get saved to a machine that is in your control.

Push files to several computers on the Internet from a master location.  Accomplish this goal by synchronizing files from template machine to target machines.



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Software-Defined Data Protection

Dell EMC Data Domain appliances deliver the most trusted protection storage in the market. Data Domain appliances deliver industry-leading deduplication, scalability, reliability, performance, unparalleled data integrity to ensure reliable recovery, and a broad ecosystem of backup and archive applications.


Virtualized and Cloud Environments

Multiple hypervisors support: VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and KVM.

Run in AWS, AWS GovCloud, Azure, Azure Government Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, and VMware Cloud on AWS. Support up to 96TB instances.



Single point of management with Dell EMC Data Domain Management Center (DD MC).

Configure and deploy using VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V Manager.



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