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Principal Certification

Principal Leadership Certification Program (PLCP) Region 5 ESC
The Principal Leadership Certification Program is provided through Region 5 ESC in collaboration with the regional school districts and participating charter schools. The program is designed to assist our schools in filling administrative positions with highly trained, exceptional administrators who understand the commitment and dedication required and who have the skills necessary to promote continuous school improvement. The program is also designed to assist high-need LEAs in providing additional professional development, mentoring, and coaching for beginning administrators. The PLCP is state accredited and meets SBEC requirements. The PLCP is a 12-month program composed of pre-service training, field-based experiences and internship supervised by a mentoring administrator. Our program offers flexible training opportunities to accommodate working educators through face-to-face trainings on Saturdays, and during part of the summer.
Major Program Emphasis

  • Instructional Leadership
  • Emergency Response Training for School Leaders
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Technology training
  • Communication
  • Research-based curriculum and instruction management
  • Fiscal Management
  • Supervision
  • Real-world, field-based performance activities
  • Practicum

Region 5 ESC





Ramona Johnson
Administrative Facilitator
(409) 951-1826


Cindy Moss
Educator Certification Program

(409) 951-1854

Principal Certification QL