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TEKS Resource System is a comprehensive, customizable, user-friendly curriculum management system built on the most current research-based practices in the field.  Its primary focus is to improve student performance by providing districts with a vertically-aligned curriculum based on the most current Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The TEKS Resource System team of content area experts ensures quality through a process of continual review based on user feedback and updates from the Texas Education Agency.

The key components of the TEKS Resource System curriculum are:

A K-12 systemic model in the four core content areas

Common language, structure, and process for curriculum delivery

Innovative Technology

Aligned written, taught, and tested curriculum

Clarified and specified TEKS/STAAR expectations assembled in a vertical alignment format

TEKS Resource System is implemented locally at the district level with the support of their local Education Service Center.

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Lisa Peoples
Administrative Assistant
(409) 951-1743

Lisa Yoes
Program Coordinator
(409) 951-1744