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About Region 5 ESC

 Region 5 ESC


Regional education service centers were created by the state legislature in 1967 when it became apparent that combining certain tasks common to each district would promote operational efficiency and effectiveness. Region 5 Education Service Center began as a media center and has grown through the years to currently more than seventy programs and services.

90,000 students and more than 6,100 educators are the clients of our organization. Service and technical assistance is our focus and is provided in a non-regulatory environment. Our mission is to assist school districts in improving student performance while promoting greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The services offered to school districts affect the daily educational processes of students and educators. ESC divisions include administrative leadership, educational technology and media, special education, instructional services, information management, and business services. More than seventy programs and services are offered within the divisions listed and are provided in response to school district needs.

Education service centers do not possess tax levying or bonding authority. Local, state, and federal revenue provide funding for ESC operations. A seven member lay board governs the service center. The Board of Directors are elected by the school boards of the public school districts within the region. Each of the six counties have a representative on the Board and Jefferson County, the most populace, has two representatives.

Region 5 Adult Education Center serves Jefferson, Hardin, and Orange Counties and provides direct instruction to adult learners. Adult basic education (ABE) GED, ESL, and computer skills are taught at multiple locations and computer labs are available to improve job skills.

Region 5 ESC operates county juvenile justice alternative education programs in Hardin and Jefferson counties. These programs involve a unique partnership between county government, school districts within the respective county, and Region 5. Students receive instruction, self-discipline techniques, and provide community service in an environment that emphasizes the importance of receiving a good education and staying out of trouble.

Region 5 ESC and the campuses of Lamar University enjoy an excellent relationship that emphasizes a collegial approach to providing the education needs of Southeast Texas. Many conferences are jointly sponsored and personnel from the different entities work together in joint education ventures. Technology, teacher training, science and administrator staff development are but a few of the many jointly sponsored activities.