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Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) is a suite of intensive trainings designed to foster continuous improvement. TIL is aligned with many of the best practices described in the Effective Schools Framework.  


Schoolwide Culture Routines

Trains leaders to develop a strong schoolwide culture by creating a vision with a highly detailed plan for each part of the school day and bringing that vision to life. They lead with their consistency and by modeling for staff how to maintain emotional constancy and reset expectations when procedures break down. Schoolwide Culture Routines trains leaders to develop the vision, the systems and routines to bring the vision to reality, monitor it throughout the year, and how to intervene when necessary to ensure it stays strong.


Lesson Alignment/Formative Assessment

Lesson Alignment: Trains leaders on how to guide their teachers to ensure effective daily lesson alignment to standards and assessments that will drive student learning, as well as how to monitor that planning to see which parts are working and which aren’t, and how to coach teachers to master the skills they need to make their planning consistently effective.


Formative Assessment: Trains leaders how to guide their teachers to craft rigorous and aligned daily and weekly assessments that will support analysis of student mastery and gaps, and how to coach their teachers to master the skills of assessment writing and analysis to ensure their continuous improvement in designing formative assessments.


Data Driven Instruction

First...teachers develop content knowledge by unpacking standards and analyzing aligned assessment items. Then...they look at actual student responses, not just percent mastery, to identify the gap between what students show and what they need to know. Finally...they create and practice a targeted reteach plan focused solely on their students’ gaps.



Based on the work of Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, Observation and Feedback provides a framework for developing teachers on a clear and research-based progression of action steps. This includes how to identify the highest leverage action steps for teachers, how to give effective feedback, and how to lead effective coaching conversations, resulting in a dramatic impact on student learning.

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Texas Instructional Leadership

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Maryan Ramirez

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Georgia Sayers

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Tina Tipton

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