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Behavior and Discipline

Behavior and Classroom Management

Our goal is to provide quality staff development and technical assistance to help families and schools positively change student behavior and improve student achievement.

Training and support focuses on providing positive behavior interventions and supports for all students including students with disabilities. This program supports all processes and principles addressed in the Texas Behavior Support Initiative.



Cover of Technical Assistance: Behavior Supports and Guidance for Students with Disabilities - male teacher reaching to hand a book with young students



Technical Assistance: Behavior Supports and Guidance for Students with Disabilities




Crisis Prevention Institute logo“Managing challenging behavior in children and teens is a skill. The key to that? Giving staff the behavior management skills they wish they had BEFORE they entered the education field. The skills they can learn now. The skills that work for preventing, managing, and debriefing challenging behaviors.”



Nonviolent Crisis Intervention 

  • Recognize & Respond to Crisis
  • Safe Physical Intervention

Your staff learns decision-making skills to match the level of response to the risk of the crisis, focusing on the least restrictive response to ensure the Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security of those in your care.


Verbal Intervention 

  • Recognize & Respond to Escalations
  • Completely Non-Physical Approach to Intervention

Your staff learns to recognize the stages of an escalating crisis and evidence-based techniques to appropriately de-escalate.


Classroom Culture 

  • Consistent, Calm Behavior
  • Sustainable Routines
  • First Attention to Best Conduct
  • Scripted Interventions
  • Restorative Approaches

Delivered as individual modules or in a single session.

NCI training complies with current legislation and is evidence-based an fully accredited, so your staff can earn continuing education credits.


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Team Members

Suzanne Martin
Program Coordinator
(409) 951-1784

CPI Certified Trainers

Killey Hayes

Program Coordinator


Melondy Moore

Program Coordinator


Corrin Gonzales



Lauren Peet

Program Coordinator


Suzanne Martin

Program Coordinator