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Texas Instructional Leadership

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TIL is an intensive training and coaching model. TIL support is ongoing throughout the school year. It is a targeted training and is customizable to district needs. TIL is sustainable, measurable, and builds capacity within the district. 


School Wide Culture Routines

Building systems that enable teachers, students, and anyone else on their campus to know what they should be doing and when at all parts of the day with a high level of detail.


Lesson Alignment/Formative Assessment

Lesson Alignment: Trains leaders on how to guide their teachers to build effective daily lesson plans that will drive student learning, as well as how to monitor that planning to see which parts are working and which aren’t, and how to coach teachers to master the skills they need to make their planning consistently effective.


Formative Assessment: Trains leaders how to guide their teachers to craft rigorous and aligned daily and weekly assessments that will support analysis of student mastery and gaps, and how to coach their teachers to master the skills of assessment writing and analysis to ensure their continuous improvement in designing formative assessments.


Data Driven Instruction

First...teachers develop content knowledge by unpacking standards and analyzing aligned assessment items. Then...they look at actual student responses, not just percent mastery, to identify the gap between what students show and what they need to know. Finally...they create and practice a targeted reteach plan focused solely on their students’ gaps.



Observation/Feedback blends the practices and principles in Paul Bambrick-Santoyo’s Get Better Faster: A 90-Day Plan for Coaching New Teachers with the T-TESS appraisal framework. It introduces a paradigm shift in the way we view teacher observation, and suggests that the primary purpose of observation and feedback is not to evaluate a teacher but to develop them. Grow educators by letting them See It, Name It, and Do It – see a model of success, name the bite-size steps that lead to growth, and practice actually doing those steps to sharpen skills.



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Karen Ford
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Kelly McBride
Educator Certification Program


Cindy Moss
Program Coordinator
Texas Instructional Leadership


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